Long lasting impression

Hello . . .I’m back to share something that I relish a lot…

Most Chweetest n Cutest member of my Family. Yah ! Apart from me, my Kittie PUFFY also entered to the Family on the same day :D He used to complain to my Dad whenever we scold him for its mischief. His presence had made a very strong Bonding with our Family. Not only to our Family, it gained its special place in the Hearts of our neighbours. He enjoyed everyone’s hospitality. He was the street Romeo cum Rowdy. 

He was very special to us because when my Dad left us forever physically, this Kittie supported my us and espcially mom. He was the reason to bring back the lost smile on my mom’s face. He is not with us but his presence is always felt even now. 

Here’s my kittie…Sleeping ;)

111 222 333 444

Dat’s his 3rd B’day photo. He was a good caretaker too. He used to take a month kitten along with him for roaming and bring the kittie back home safely. That kittie went missing after few days…and never returned. We searched a lot…Even PUFFY went in search of the kittie but we could trace that kittie. We could feel his restlessness too.

Puffy’s favorite pass-time activities:

  • Sleeping on a Bed like a Royal Cat :D
  • Peeping thro’ the gate-grill and make sounds to irritate the Dogs whenever they passby. Then hide behind us if the Dogs come for attack by any chance :mrgreen:

my Journey from Excitement to Disaster …

A few years back, I had started my Career in IT field. Each day was a THRILL to me as I had to explore a lot in Chennai. I had language problem in the early days but somehow used to manage it by mixing both the languages (Telugu + Tamil). Soon I realized about the saying – “When you are in Rome, be like a Roman.” So I started to improve the speaking skills. This gave me chance to interact with more people in their language.  I started enjoying my stay in Chennai.

Some of the fascinating things I found in Chennai was – Local Transport. I was put up in Choolaimedu during the first few months at Chennai. So I used to travel from Choolaimedu to GMR office by changing 2 Trains. I never felt the journey as tiresome one. To be frank, I used to rush to the Train? For what – for getting chance for foot-boarding to enjoy the cool breeze. :D

The excitement was at its Peak during those days. Office work tensions used to vanish off in just fraction of seconds when the cool breeze to whisper in my ears when Moon was giving me company. As usual, I got down from the local Train at my stop with full energy inside. Ticket checking was going on…in the station. I was asked to show the Train Ticket. I took out the Ticket and showed it to him. He was asking “show me Today’s ticket…”. I was explaining to him – “Sir…I don’t take daily ticket and this is the Monthly ticket which I have been using.” :D  Then something unusual…was found in my Ticket. My ticket had expired the previous day and I forgot to renew the Pass� 😦

My bad evening started from then…he fired at me in the initial few minutes. Later, he asked me to pay the fine. I agreed to pay around 300 bucks to him without uttering anything. He wrote a Slip which had the fine details. I felt bad for few seconds then I thought “Government was in need of Funds…so I helped Government by paying the fine….” :P Again I was back to the world of excitements.

Once so happened that I was travelling along with my Frnd in Bus. I had to get down in Guindy n she had to go to Koyambedu. As I expected, the Squads were waiting for checking the Tickets from the passengers. To my shock, my frnd forgot to give my Ticket before I get down from the Bus and the Bus went off.� My Happy Happy SUNDAY turned to a worst frustrating SUNDAY again. I was asked to pay 500 bucks to them because he saw a Rs 500/- currency in my wallet when i was searching for my ticket. Tears rolled out that I could not help myself in this case. Silently I handed over the amount to them and left the place. All of a sudden, the Squads called me back. I rushed to them with the enthusiasm that they may give me back some bucks after looking into my innocent face. I was very depressed because they called me to give bus tickets worth 500 bucks. Took the Tickets and thrown them in dustbin. Later i moved from there to my room. Then I thought “Government people require Funds for repairing the Buses so they asked my HELP and ofcourse I helped them”.D

Hope you also had bitter experiences like this.

But now a days, i see to that I have my own Ticket, became a responsible Citizen D

my Sharing thro the Blog – Life is to enjoy !!! These things are very small part of our Life. When I turn back and look into these experiences…I start laughing at myself. Life has to go on…experience new things in LIFE and have FUN.

[Creative Writing]: Depressed child just as a Neglected car

I had a chance to participate in a Creative Writing Contest based on the following picture. Felt very happy to get appreciated for my attempt.

Abandoned Car

~ 000 ~

Here’s my winning entry:

The first look into this pic made a deep impact into my Mind. If you take a deep look into this shot, you can find the similarity…

Depressed child just as Neglected Car

1> At one side, though Car doesn’t show the emotions, the owner of the Car would still shed tears for loosing it.

2> At the other end, there’s a Child who is in need of Love.

Let’s concentrate on the second case now

  • Some parents just leave the children to orphanages.
  • Some parents neglect their child because they would find it difficult to bring up their family.
  • Some parents are so busy in this complicated world in earning and saving for their family that they forget to give time to their Dear ones. The child creates his own world of loneliness.

He/She may end up taking a wrong decision of ending up the Beautiful Life which is gifted by GOD. Who is the major sufferer here…not the PARENT but the CHILD obviously.

So let’s spread LOVE all around us as plenty as possible.

~ 000~

FRIENDSHIP – xperience it to relish the Sweetness of Life

A beautiful Bond, in itself is an incredible gift to a Mankind


A reason to enjoy the Life with High Spirits.

This grows when two strangers share a common thought and keeps expanding as the Time Grows. Every relation has a FRIEND within him/her. This bond makes us feel a Comfort Zone which in turn boosts up our Confidence level and makes a better place to live in. It doesn’t have any age limits…

  • A Parent can be a good Friend to their family.
  • A Grandparent can be good Friends to their Grand children.
  • A Teacher can be good Friend to his student.
  • A volunteer can be good Friend to his enthusiastic Learners.
  • A pet can be a friend to his master.

We meet many people in the Journey of Life. Some are just friends…a few become Close Friends…but only rare ones stand beside us against every odd condition, like an umbrella guarding us from the rain. As time passes, it needs to be nurtured with Affection.

Below is my Approach for this Beautiful relation through a pic which I designed…You may be Familiar with this one…right? But this pic doesn’t have Ladders to reach on top through shortcuts because each and every ingredient is important but yeah…there are Snakes to indicate the disaster that may spoil the surroundings. 

P.S: Numbers – indicate the age of the person. This may vary for each individual.


Now, look into your Life, if you have come across such relation, you are Blessed !

Don’t let the relation go…

:: Cheers ::

assorted EmoTioNs

A few months back, a Dog gave birth to 4 cute puppies of different colors.I asked my friends to suggest some names. One weird suggestion came to name them as 1,2,3,4. I wondered why his parents took strain to give him a name instead of numbering 😥  Later I named them – Brownie, Blackie, Whitu, Creamu… 😉


When I enter my street, Puppies come running far away and exhibit their Skidding skills 😀  (just as a Biker does to impress his Girl) as I return with Food for them. At times,it’s fearful to watch them running so fast 😛


Everyone would be enjoying this Rainy season in Chennai but my case is li’l different in my street. Puppies jump in excitement, running to me in an area with half filled mud-water roads while I’d be carefully making a kinda long-jumps and leave footprints on my Dress. I have Surf excel at home but still…’  😦

Once…I was managing to walk in a narrow path wid localites. Faced the most embarrasing moment when Puppies came n blocked the path facing me, waiting for food.People were staring at me. For the first time I felt if the animals could understand the human language 😛

But stil I njoy being in that World and at times, they become my guardians in the street. It looks like a Princess is being safe-guarded beautifully 😀

Humanity shud grow as we grow

This post is very sensitive as this blog speaks the words of my Heart…hmmm, not speaks but actually screams.

I’m a very much connected to the Animal world…may be b’coz of the wonderful times I spent with them from my childhood days…n yeah it’s cent percent true, I was more busier spending time with the Animals rather than people during my stays in village. It is alwayz great Fun n pleasure in each visit…Buffaloes..Rabbits..Ducks..Hens..Chicks..Cocks..Cats..Dogs n so on !

Now my Questions are for —> NOT Animal-lovers:

  • Do you think AniMals don’t understand Human language?
  • Do you think they don’t have common sense?
  • Do you think they cannot be part of your Family as they are not Human beings?

Animals/Birds do understand us. They communicate…They express. Just that we can speak but Animals cannot. Except that, God had made all of us in the same way. Unless you watch them carefully, you cannot enjoy their world. Get in touch with any Animal-lover you know and understand their world. You will come to know many new things about the Nature around us. Look for the stories where Pets have helped the patients to recover soon from their sufferings.

I agree many of you may not like to waste time in understanding them. There’s no harm. But do you know that You definitely harm a Pet-lover’s feelings when you talk bad about their Pets or just repeating the statements of hatred towards the Animal world. You may hate but you don’t have to showcase your hatred to the people who actually adore that world. Just take an instance, you may be eating your favourite dish but the other person comes and speaks that he/she gets vomiting if he/she eats it, How do you feel?

my Dear Readers,

I hope you agree that Pets are never the timepass toys which you keep with you when you are bored and abandon them off when you have many other exciting things in your Life. That’s a sweet responsibility which you promise to take with the Pet. Pets need not be Animals/Birds that stay at your home, they can be the ones around your home. May be the street Dogs or Cats or Cows. I’m happy that I have very special friends of mine, who may not like Animals but they always respect my feelings for Animal World.

In recent days, I had seen a few people who are inhuman to these Creatures. These people are so insensitive that they won’t even give shelter to these creatures when  it rains or when it’s cold and they just need a closed place to sleep peacefully. I had fought for many such cruel instances with these insane people. Believe me, in the process of saving these innocent creatures form cruelity, I missed many precious moments of my closed ones who wanted to meet me after a long time. Wish my Dear ones also understand me and come back. I feel very sad about it but I’m happy that I’m still fighting for such injustice to these inocent creatures. Now, you decide, though God has given us Brain, are people really thinking sensibly? Why some people become insane and inhuman as they grow up?

Also I have seen in Pet shops, people want to pay for foreign breeds of Pets but DO NOT wish to adopt an Indian breed for free of Cost. Is Indian breed that cheap? I feel like telling them – “I wished – your parents had abandoned you just b’coz you were born in India”. There are  many myths around that street Animals are never safe and they will always bite people around them. C’mon frnz…why would they bite unless you harm them. And if you misinterpret that they wag their tails just to attack, you have to correct your mindset.

A request to all (NOT Animal-lovers) : you don’t have to force yourself to stay or like the Animal world but atleast have a control on the words you speak to an Animal-lover. You have no rights to ill-treat the Animals as they have equal rights to stay in this world as you do.

Even Animals have HEARTS whether you agree to it or not but it’s true. Human company may or may not live till the end but journey with Pets continues FOREVER till the end of each other’s life. Would love to hear from you if you have more to say. I just wish to see the below relation to increase more n more…

HUMANITY is directly proportional to AGE of the HUMAN BEING

P.S: I’m proud to say that I’ve been taming Cats from past 12 years and I definitely love being in their company.