Long lasting impression

Hello . . .I’m back to share something that I relish a lot…

Most Chweetest n Cutest member of my Family. Yah ! Apart from me, my Kittie PUFFY also entered to the Family on the same day :D He used to complain to my Dad whenever we scold him for its mischief. His presence had made a very strong Bonding with our Family. Not only to our Family, it gained its special place in the Hearts of our neighbours. He enjoyed everyone’s hospitality. He was the street Romeo cum Rowdy. 

He was very special to us because when my Dad left us forever physically, this Kittie supported my us and espcially mom. He was the reason to bring back the lost smile on my mom’s face. He is not with us but his presence is always felt even now. 

Here’s my kittie…Sleeping ;)

111 222 333 444

Dat’s his 3rd B’day photo. He was a good caretaker too. He used to take a month kitten along with him for roaming and bring the kittie back home safely. That kittie went missing after few days…and never returned. We searched a lot…Even PUFFY went in search of the kittie but we could trace that kittie. We could feel his restlessness too.

Puffy’s favorite pass-time activities:

  • Sleeping on a Bed like a Royal Cat :D
  • Peeping thro’ the gate-grill and make sounds to irritate the Dogs whenever they passby. Then hide behind us if the Dogs come for attack by any chance :mrgreen:

Dare to see !

Welcome to the Animal Planet !!!

U may be aware by now that I’m very fond of Animals especially Cats. They have become a very important part of my Life. I had been enjoying this world from past 11 years. A few snaps are below bout my Pets.

Check out what my pets have to say in each pic. Names of my Pets may look strange. Kindly bear with me.

“Look into my Blue Eyes !!! Did I scare You?” ET Says…Image

“Oh taking my Pic…plz let me well in advance, I just got up from a deep sleep.” Whitu says…


“I will give a ‘Meeooow’ sound then Click on the camera to take my Pic.” Puffy says…


“I will give an innocent look. Capture it.” Puffy says…


“How much do u charge for Golden-Facial???” says Kantri n Ammulu to a beautician.


“I won’t let you go” says Bandu…


Hope u enjoyed it. Bie for now 🙂


assorted EmoTioNs

A few months back, a Dog gave birth to 4 cute puppies of different colors.I asked my friends to suggest some names. One weird suggestion came to name them as 1,2,3,4. I wondered why his parents took strain to give him a name instead of numbering 😥  Later I named them – Brownie, Blackie, Whitu, Creamu… 😉


When I enter my street, Puppies come running far away and exhibit their Skidding skills 😀  (just as a Biker does to impress his Girl) as I return with Food for them. At times,it’s fearful to watch them running so fast 😛


Everyone would be enjoying this Rainy season in Chennai but my case is li’l different in my street. Puppies jump in excitement, running to me in an area with half filled mud-water roads while I’d be carefully making a kinda long-jumps and leave footprints on my Dress. I have Surf excel at home but still…’  😦

Once…I was managing to walk in a narrow path wid localites. Faced the most embarrasing moment when Puppies came n blocked the path facing me, waiting for food.People were staring at me. For the first time I felt if the animals could understand the human language 😛

But stil I njoy being in that World and at times, they become my guardians in the street. It looks like a Princess is being safe-guarded beautifully 😀