Challenges in Life . . .

Big gathering of Friends comes with Loads of talks…fun…laughter.

Listening to each other’s problems makes each one of us feel that every Role has its problem. (Mainly I’m concentrating on IT Frnz) :D

Be it a Tester or a Developer  !!!

Once I happened to be a part of the conversation of a Tester and a Developer. I understood that Life becomes pathetic when there is no rapport between these two teams. I really pitied them.

They are very good friends. But unfortunately both of them were allocated in two different teams(Testing n Development).

The Developer wrote the code and promoted it to UAT for testing. The Tester started testing.  Tester found a problem with the code and raised the Defect. They argued a lot when the defect was raised. Both were right from individual’s perspectives.

Below is a pictorial representations of this. 😀

Left: Tester     |      Right: Developer


A frustrated DEVELOPER simply rejects the Defect.

Left: Tester     |      Right: Developer


There’s a famous dialogue of this DEVELOPER friend “You don’t know the potential of a Developer”.

This irritated TESTER much more and raised defects again.

Finally they ended up with a Big war by the time the implementation of code was done in production. :(

This conversation always makes me laugh a lot whenever I think of the Day I witnessed this Conversation. 

But I am very happy that they leave Office tensions in Office as soon as they step out of Office. Again in real Life…they are pretty good friends. ;)

Msg. thro’ this Blog – “Personal Life shud not get affected by any chance by the Professional Life”


Unexpected Answers – Block your Mind

Ragging – what comes to your mind hearing this?

Who will forget such moments in College Life? yeah..not even me

My journey into my new assignment had just started. Very soon, I started taking responsibilities in the team. My role was to be a Buddy to the new Associates joining the project.

Enjoyed that role a lot. Crazy thoughts came into the mind for a casual ragging for the new Associates bcoz I was senior most in that Role. ;)

Thought to share a Funny experience that happened during that phase here.

One fine day, a new Associate, Jessie joined my team. As usual I had to explain everything to that Lady. Days passed by…she used to talk well to me. Then…something striked my Mind…how bout Ragging !!! Let me give a Try ;)

Prati : Hey Jessie…How are you doing?

Jessie : Yeah…am doing good. So how is your work on?

Prati : Not much of work as KT phase has not yet started here.

Jessie : Oh cool…so how long you have been with this organization?

Prati : It’s going to be 2 years now. (mindthought-“is she trying to rag me? It was supposed to be me to do it right !!! :S “ 

so how bout you? Where have you worked earlier?

Jessie : I had been at onsite these many years. Jus returned to India.

Prati: (Ahhh !!! onsite candidate. Lemme put her in tension now) You need to take many Certifications here…in a month. She was tensed a little. I enjoyed that moment. :D

So how much experience you have in IT field?

Jessie : 12…

Prati : (myself in a little puzzled state) hey…am asking about work experience

Jessie : Hmmm…am also talking about the WORK experience only.

Prati : (shocked with the answer I received from her) Do you mean to say that you have been working from past 12 years in IT.

Jessie : Yes of course…do you doubt me?

Prati : (mindthought-Oooopss !!! BAD TIME started…I was trying to rag a Manager)

In Life, sometimes unexpected things happen and block your mind. Be Sure…you don’t get into Trouble like me. :(

Later she became a very good well-wisher of mine. Jessie was very simple lady who looked just like a Fresher out of College. Learnt a lesson that ‘Never get deceived by looking at the personality.’ Just a very narrow escape of mine by getting into a bigger trouble. Before your mind asks you to do some stupid things, think about it twice or thrice.

Onsite Trip…a different Visualization

As we are well aware about the Corporate Life which almost follows ONSITE – OFFSHORE model so something striked my Mind which I am goin to share here in another few minutes.  Here I go.

People move to Onsite for short terms as well as long terms. There are a FEW things that everyone at Onsite would really MISS during the ONSITE Trip.

Family…Frnz…Well Wishers…tasty food of India (especially Mom’s food)…pani-puri…kulfi…sundal @ road side…Snacks at beach side and lots more.

One thing I have noticed is…a tremendous change in the Life style of people who have been to ONSITE. I will share a few of them here –

Apart from earning more money, people have learnt to be very organized. They take up responsibilities and plan well. Hey..this doesn’t mean that people at OFFSHORE are out of Track. They are also Perfect in their work(coz I am from OFFSHORE right ! ). :D I tell you the reasons…why people become organized when they are at ONSITE.

In India, you would always have people around, so its easy for you to even visit a new place without even having an idea of that place earlier. “anna…andha place ki eppadi ponum, inge nalla hotel enga irku?, Andhra mess deggara lo undha?, Velachery ke liye konsi bus main jaana hai…etc etc etc”. And you get spontaneous response too. ;) But when you are at ONSITE, no one would be beside you to ask such questions. :( So you always carry a Map wherever you travel else you will be caught in the jic-saw puzzle there. This way you learn to be Independent.

Now one more…in India, there are various modes of Transport facility available to reach to any place so people at India bother less when compared to people who are at ONSITE. But there, nobody waits for you. and by chance you are late, you should be ready enough to face Bad consequences also. At times they need to empty their wallets to reach the destination. That’s where ONSITE guys have to stick to be PUNCTUAL. Tell you something…You even learn to manage their Finance by being PUNCTUAL. This gives chance for YOU to learn about MONEY MANAGEMENT also. The last line holds good for people at OFFSHORE too…especially me !!! :D

Let’s go to the next one…At OFFSHORE, you have different ways to showcase yourself but what happens…very FEW really take this as a challenge and work on them. People who used to be lazy in India become very active at ONSITE because they need to take care of everything by themselves. This is the time when the people take up RESPONSIBILITY. There would be times when You start feeling lonely at ONSITE. You start realizing the pain when noone is around you for caring. :( You would like your Family..Frnz..Dear ones, nearby you to share things. I guess you would have caught the lesson by now. Yeah…You will understand the Value of the person you care and go for innovative ideas  to get in touch with them somehow(orkut, messenger, calls and so on). There’s a similar saying related to this situation…”You understand the value of a person only when he is far of from you.”

Here comes my favourite part…wanna know that?

Guys at ONSITE will definately learn to Cook. These days, many girls are looking for this criteria a lot. This adds additional benefits to the girl to select her Life-Partner. :D These days, I feel very happy when Men spend time in kitchen because this will make them understand the pain Women take spending time in kitchen.

Hey…I totally agree that i am not a professional cook but I don’t have worries that I should always prepare food at home because Young Men are also more competitive these days. In the early days, my brothers used to ask to prepare something and get for them but now…believe me, my brothers prepare variety of items…that includes sweets [carrot ka halwa] also.  Many of my frnz (Young Men) have started Enjoying to cook these days. A few of my Frnz told that Cooking has become their Hobby…in other sense, their Passion !!! :)

A single Onsite Trip in a person’s life can make him/her very CIVILIZED. Every individual should experience an ONSITE to implement the exact definitions of these common words atleast once in  his/her LIFETIME [PUNCTUALITY, RESPONSIBILITY and of course COOKING]. ;)

Narration of Story in 55 words :>

Have you ever heard of wrapping up a story in just 55 words. It’s really interesting !

Never knew the thrill of it till I gave a try. Here goes the final attempt for 55f 😉

an Emotional gesture

He promised “Mom…i will not meet her till I complete Graduation”
Mom called “come home, we are going to Ooty tomorrow morning with Family Friends”
Memorable Time after Graduation including her.
“Sleep in the cottage” mom said.
He replied “Mom..missed my CAR a lot. She is special so going to sleep in car”


Hide n Seek

He walked…actually ran, used Lift instead of Stairs, reached Ground Floor to go to the Cafeteria, He ate soon and rushed to the Workplace.

He called someone from mobile and was tensed till he reached his workplace. When his Frnz asked the reason, he replied – “I forgot my Temp ID card at my desk”:)


an Emergency Call

It was cool Winter of January. I started in an Auto all alone in the early morning to bus stop to reach Chennai.

I was li’l afraid to travel alone so rushed to home in fear and dialed an emergency no. seriously from my landline.

Highly relieved to find – my Mobile rang in my handbag . . .


I was feeling happy to give some exercise to Brain in this creative way 😉


o: NeW ComerS to Kitchen :o

I’m back wid some Interesting cum Tragic events of a few well-wishers of mine, captured some moments during their FirSt TiMe in Kitchen. I do go n prepare my favourite dishes in Kitchen though I don’t like spending lot of time there. But if you really want me to spend the entire day there, my favourite trascks in the music system can definately energize the mood to stay for much longer time :D

Sharing a few of those moments :D

Frnd 1: During a weekend, I visited my Frnd1’s home in B’lore. This Frnd was so over joyous of our meet after a long gap. We got up early and spoke about our memorable days in Chennai. She said “I would like you to taste some delicious dishes of mine”. I replied “Wow…Sure. Would love to taste them”.She served me something for breakfast. She boiled milk then boiled corn flakes till it became paste…then add one thing in another, and serves to me. I was puzzled,I din’t dare to eat it. We ate food outside ;)

Frnd2: It’s the First time, he is going into kitchen to try something different. C’mon…earlier he went in to boil water. :mrgreen:  It’s fun to make pranks on these people. It was his routine work to put the Milk packet outside without boiling (mom used to boil it everytime ;) . Mom is not at home so the next day, the milk was spoilt. Then he called his mom and explained. She explained “Son…you shud boil milk before it keeping it in Fridge”. Then he called me one day and asked, how would Curd form. I replied – “keep watching Milk in the vessel, it will become curd” :mrgreen:

Frnd3: Another friend of mine…wanted to try Veg-Maggi. So he beautifully cut n arranged the vegetables in a plate. Kept everything ready and started his experiment. He started off well by frying vegetables putting spices that would add flavours. Then it was time to add MAGGI into the vessel. He even did that but then he wondered something was missing in that. He actually forgot to add WATER in it. :mrgreen:  Pathetic situation there :D

Frnd 4: It was time to cook Rice in the Electrical cooker. (If you have seen an electric cooker, u would know the purpose of the netted kinda plate at the bottom, its to avoid Rice sticking at the bottom of the cooker). Since this frnd was using the cooker for the first time…he put sufficient Rice and Water…then not able to know where to put that net plate, he put in on the Rice :D

Frnd 5: This friend wants to prepare Rajma curry for the first time. Followed all the instructions perfectly except for the fact that Masala should be added as per the quantity of Rajma and unforturnately added the whole packet in a single shot. Imagine the output, :D

Big bro: Someone taught him to prepare Dal at home. So he wanted to try it at his room. he bought Dal packet to room. He had put the Dal in cooker and waited till the whistles come. My mom taught him all these basics. Then he called mom and told – this Dal has been boiling for past few hours n not even getting pasted. My mom could not understand the reason. Two weeks later, my li’l sis visited his room and found that he was using a Wrong Dal for a Wrong Purpose :D (he was using fried chana dal for preparing sambar) She got frustrated and told him that “Noone uses this for preparing Sambar”, he replied “I did right” :DWish I was there to capture those moments of frustration on my Sis’s face ;)

My li’l Sis: She was eager to experiment with micorwave oven most of the times esp to prepare cakes. She does all the wonderful works and gives the greasy and sticky works to me like applying oil on the vessel n so on :roll:. So i don’t even enter kitchen when she’s on some mission ;)

So what do u think…is Cooking that easier as we think of ??? ;) Would love to hear from you.

assorted EmoTioNs

A few months back, a Dog gave birth to 4 cute puppies of different colors.I asked my friends to suggest some names. One weird suggestion came to name them as 1,2,3,4. I wondered why his parents took strain to give him a name instead of numbering 😥  Later I named them – Brownie, Blackie, Whitu, Creamu… 😉


When I enter my street, Puppies come running far away and exhibit their Skidding skills 😀  (just as a Biker does to impress his Girl) as I return with Food for them. At times,it’s fearful to watch them running so fast 😛


Everyone would be enjoying this Rainy season in Chennai but my case is li’l different in my street. Puppies jump in excitement, running to me in an area with half filled mud-water roads while I’d be carefully making a kinda long-jumps and leave footprints on my Dress. I have Surf excel at home but still…’  😦

Once…I was managing to walk in a narrow path wid localites. Faced the most embarrasing moment when Puppies came n blocked the path facing me, waiting for food.People were staring at me. For the first time I felt if the animals could understand the human language 😛

But stil I njoy being in that World and at times, they become my guardians in the street. It looks like a Princess is being safe-guarded beautifully 😀