Challenges in Life . . .

Big gathering of Friends comes with Loads of talks…fun…laughter.

Listening to each other’s problems makes each one of us feel that every Role has its problem. (Mainly I’m concentrating on IT Frnz) :D

Be it a Tester or a Developer  !!!

Once I happened to be a part of the conversation of a Tester and a Developer. I understood that Life becomes pathetic when there is no rapport between these two teams. I really pitied them.

They are very good friends. But unfortunately both of them were allocated in two different teams(Testing n Development).

The Developer wrote the code and promoted it to UAT for testing. The Tester started testing.  Tester found a problem with the code and raised the Defect. They argued a lot when the defect was raised. Both were right from individual’s perspectives.

Below is a pictorial representations of this. 😀

Left: Tester     |      Right: Developer


A frustrated DEVELOPER simply rejects the Defect.

Left: Tester     |      Right: Developer


There’s a famous dialogue of this DEVELOPER friend “You don’t know the potential of a Developer”.

This irritated TESTER much more and raised defects again.

Finally they ended up with a Big war by the time the implementation of code was done in production. :(

This conversation always makes me laugh a lot whenever I think of the Day I witnessed this Conversation. 

But I am very happy that they leave Office tensions in Office as soon as they step out of Office. Again in real Life…they are pretty good friends. ;)

Msg. thro’ this Blog – “Personal Life shud not get affected by any chance by the Professional Life”