Ambigram: Work from Heart – in Vacation ;)

Utilized my vacation perfectly with such creative stuffs. Hope you like them 😉


Made a covered card to place the NAME CARD inside it…



Ambigrams: an entry into Artistic world !

Let me start it this way…What’s the one thing that others use most of the times and we enjoy it. Yeah right…ofcourse our NAME right??? :D

How many of you know the meaning of your name? ok ok…let me not divert from the topic :lol:

And when you suddenly see your name written so stylishly somewhere, your joys know no bounds…isn’t it ??? If no…may be you don’t like your name :P

It’s my best friend cum AMBIGRAM Gurudev, Kalai’s passion on this Art that motivated me to try creative stuff with the names.

For those of you who are new to this term AMBIGRAM, It’s a word written in such a manner that it can read in more than one way…There are various types of ambigrams – rotational, mirror reflection, 3D, Chain etc…and I concentrated on the rotational type. You just have to observe the normal image then rotate it to 180 degrees to find the same image again ;)

Coming back to the point, I observed my Gurudev’s works keenly to understand this Art Form and now, this has become my Hobby whenever I have a Name in Mind, Paper and a Pencil around me ;) I can related this incident to a mythological story of Ekalavya. Ekalavya’s efforts to learn and practice the Art is a Classical example of Self-learning and meditative mind without the physical appearance of his Guru. So I consider myself Modern-Ekalavya  ;)

Below is a small gift I presented to my Gurudev.

My friend cum Gurudev – Kalai


And then, the endless journey became into this Creative World forever and ever. Presented my Artworks to my Friends.

Friend: Lydia :P


Friend: Dinesh :P

Friend: Lian :P


P.S: Hi Reader – Suggestions are most welcome to improve myself in this area. LIKE it to encourage my Artworks 😀