dat’s ME :)

A very warm welcome to my Blogs World. Hope you enjoy your stay here !

I’m Pratibha…meaning of my name is ‘Talent’.

I’m from a beautiful country India, the land of various Culture and Traditions in every place you visit. It’s a place for Relations and Gatherings and it seems to be like a festive season throughout the year. I enjoy socializing and learning the new cultures.So I’m here in exploring myself in the world of Writings, Arts n Crafts n lots more. Apart from this, I m fun-loving, believe in making adventures in Life, love spending my leisure-time listening to Music at high volume and Dancing, traveling n spending time with my Dear Ones…Finally I enjoy playing wid my Kitties.


I’ve been connected to this Cat’s world from past 11 years n so my frnz also call me as – Kitty/ Catwoman/ Catty/ Meow/ Kittyblogger 🙂

Take care. Keep visiting n encouraging my Writings !


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