Onsite Trip…a different Visualization

As we are well aware about the Corporate Life which almost follows ONSITE – OFFSHORE model so something striked my Mind which I am goin to share here in another few minutes.  Here I go.

People move to Onsite for short terms as well as long terms. There are a FEW things that everyone at Onsite would really MISS during the ONSITE Trip.

Family…Frnz…Well Wishers…tasty food of India (especially Mom’s food)…pani-puri…kulfi…sundal @ road side…Snacks at beach side and lots more.

One thing I have noticed is…a tremendous change in the Life style of people who have been to ONSITE. I will share a few of them here –

Apart from earning more money, people have learnt to be very organized. They take up responsibilities and plan well. Hey..this doesn’t mean that people at OFFSHORE are out of Track. They are also Perfect in their work(coz I am from OFFSHORE right ! ). :D I tell you the reasons…why people become organized when they are at ONSITE.

In India, you would always have people around, so its easy for you to even visit a new place without even having an idea of that place earlier. “anna…andha place ki eppadi ponum, inge nalla hotel enga irku?, Andhra mess deggara lo undha?, Velachery ke liye konsi bus main jaana hai…etc etc etc”. And you get spontaneous response too. ;) But when you are at ONSITE, no one would be beside you to ask such questions. :( So you always carry a Map wherever you travel else you will be caught in the jic-saw puzzle there. This way you learn to be Independent.

Now one more…in India, there are various modes of Transport facility available to reach to any place so people at India bother less when compared to people who are at ONSITE. But there, nobody waits for you. and by chance you are late, you should be ready enough to face Bad consequences also. At times they need to empty their wallets to reach the destination. That’s where ONSITE guys have to stick to be PUNCTUAL. Tell you something…You even learn to manage their Finance by being PUNCTUAL. This gives chance for YOU to learn about MONEY MANAGEMENT also. The last line holds good for people at OFFSHORE too…especially me !!! :D

Let’s go to the next one…At OFFSHORE, you have different ways to showcase yourself but what happens…very FEW really take this as a challenge and work on them. People who used to be lazy in India become very active at ONSITE because they need to take care of everything by themselves. This is the time when the people take up RESPONSIBILITY. There would be times when You start feeling lonely at ONSITE. You start realizing the pain when noone is around you for caring. :( You would like your Family..Frnz..Dear ones, nearby you to share things. I guess you would have caught the lesson by now. Yeah…You will understand the Value of the person you care and go for innovative ideas  to get in touch with them somehow(orkut, messenger, calls and so on). There’s a similar saying related to this situation…”You understand the value of a person only when he is far of from you.”

Here comes my favourite part…wanna know that?

Guys at ONSITE will definately learn to Cook. These days, many girls are looking for this criteria a lot. This adds additional benefits to the girl to select her Life-Partner. :D These days, I feel very happy when Men spend time in kitchen because this will make them understand the pain Women take spending time in kitchen.

Hey…I totally agree that i am not a professional cook but I don’t have worries that I should always prepare food at home because Young Men are also more competitive these days. In the early days, my brothers used to ask to prepare something and get for them but now…believe me, my brothers prepare variety of items…that includes sweets [carrot ka halwa] also.  Many of my frnz (Young Men) have started Enjoying to cook these days. A few of my Frnz told that Cooking has become their Hobby…in other sense, their Passion !!! :)

A single Onsite Trip in a person’s life can make him/her very CIVILIZED. Every individual should experience an ONSITE to implement the exact definitions of these common words atleast once in  his/her LIFETIME [PUNCTUALITY, RESPONSIBILITY and of course COOKING]. ;)


Those memorable days on Bench !!!

Usually when you assigned to Projects, you would not have time to attend Management Training Programs, conducted in your Organization unless they mandate those sessions. What would happen usually is –
◾   Either you won’t get time at all
◾   Though you have time, your time will be wasted for requesting for approvals from higher Officials, in which finally you lose interest to attend the program

◾I have enjoyed my Benching period where I luckily happened to attend Management Trainings, conducted by my organization. So thought to share them wid U 🙂

I got a chance to attend a couple of Trainings on Management. Trainings were held in Fortune Hotel…who will miss such an Offer…tell me? 😉

So I reached on-time for the first Training. I had been introduced to a very cheerful Trainer. Training was all bout ‘Team Building wid positive Attitude’. The funny thing I could find in the session was, Team work was completely ‘ABSENT’ whenever we were assigned wid some task/ play games. Later Participants including ME realize that we have forgotten to work in Team and suddenly looked at the Trainer who jus gave a BIG SMILE and asked us to do the tasks/play the game again. This time, we worked well in Teams. Hope everyone has seen the movie ‘Chak-De-India’. All in the movie was Team work. Trainer played that song at the End of the Session – Wow, a situational song to motivate us. I really enjoyed it.

Similarly, I had attended other sessions like ‘Stress Management’. We were asked to perform Yoga. This will help us get relaxed from our mental tensions. As I moved ahead wid each Aasan(Lesson of Yoga), I was feeling tired and I was feeling restless. The Trainer instructed us that we would be feeling tired because we don’t have any practice earlier. The Last Lesson was Nidra Yoga(this was my Favourite one).

Unfortunately , the next session was about ‘Time Management’ Training and fortunately, I reached 10 min before the session b’coz I din’t want to become the victim to the Session as it was all about ‘TIME’. The Session was on Time Management and the participants were maintaining Indian Punctuality to attend the session…i.e. many late comers to the session. I learnt the importance of Planning a day thro’ that session.

There was a beautiful Lesson that I learnt from all the Trainings I attended. I will pass on the message to you thro’ a short story.

There lived a Saint in Northern Parts of India. He predicted the future of the people whoever approached him and gave advices. This way he gained Fame internationally. He never deceived anybody with false statements.

So hearing all this, two tourists came to his place to test his predictions.

They were laughing when all others were bowing to his feet for Blessings.

The stupid thing that they have thought of…They brought a bird hidden in the hands and the hands were folded backwards.

So they started Questioning the Saint “Now u tell me, what is in my hands?” The Saint noticed some feathers jus near the feet of the foreigners so he guessed that the Bird was in trouble. The Saint told directly that the foreigner had a bird in his hand. Then the foreigner shooted another Question “Tell me, whether it was Dead or Alive.”

There were two cases.

If Saint says “Bird is Dead”, they will show the lively Bird and prove him wrong.

If Saint says “Bird is Alive”, they will crush the Bird and prove him wrong for his prediction.

Saint acted very cautiously so he told the foreigner that the Bird’s Life is in your hand. You can Leave it to enjoy its Life else you can kill it !!!
◾   Keep your words positive, because your words become your actions.
◾   Keep your actions positive, because your actions become your habits.
◾   Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your lifestyle.
◾   Keep your lifestyle positive, because your lifestyle becomes your destiny.

Lesson: Hearing to a couple of Good lessons is very easy. Implementing those Qualities in your Life is completely left up to YOU.

[Creative Writing]: Depressed child just as a Neglected car

I had a chance to participate in a Creative Writing Contest based on the following picture. Felt very happy to get appreciated for my attempt.

Abandoned Car

~ 000 ~

Here’s my winning entry:

The first look into this pic made a deep impact into my Mind. If you take a deep look into this shot, you can find the similarity…

Depressed child just as Neglected Car

1> At one side, though Car doesn’t show the emotions, the owner of the Car would still shed tears for loosing it.

2> At the other end, there’s a Child who is in need of Love.

Let’s concentrate on the second case now

  • Some parents just leave the children to orphanages.
  • Some parents neglect their child because they would find it difficult to bring up their family.
  • Some parents are so busy in this complicated world in earning and saving for their family that they forget to give time to their Dear ones. The child creates his own world of loneliness.

He/She may end up taking a wrong decision of ending up the Beautiful Life which is gifted by GOD. Who is the major sufferer here…not the PARENT but the CHILD obviously.

So let’s spread LOVE all around us as plenty as possible.

~ 000~

assorted EmoTioNs

A few months back, a Dog gave birth to 4 cute puppies of different colors.I asked my friends to suggest some names. One weird suggestion came to name them as 1,2,3,4. I wondered why his parents took strain to give him a name instead of numbering 😥  Later I named them – Brownie, Blackie, Whitu, Creamu… 😉


When I enter my street, Puppies come running far away and exhibit their Skidding skills 😀  (just as a Biker does to impress his Girl) as I return with Food for them. At times,it’s fearful to watch them running so fast 😛


Everyone would be enjoying this Rainy season in Chennai but my case is li’l different in my street. Puppies jump in excitement, running to me in an area with half filled mud-water roads while I’d be carefully making a kinda long-jumps and leave footprints on my Dress. I have Surf excel at home but still…’  😦

Once…I was managing to walk in a narrow path wid localites. Faced the most embarrasing moment when Puppies came n blocked the path facing me, waiting for food.People were staring at me. For the first time I felt if the animals could understand the human language 😛

But stil I njoy being in that World and at times, they become my guardians in the street. It looks like a Princess is being safe-guarded beautifully 😀