Long lasting impression

Hello . . .I’m back to share something that I relish a lot…

Most Chweetest n Cutest member of my Family. Yah ! Apart from me, my Kittie PUFFY also entered to the Family on the same day :D He used to complain to my Dad whenever we scold him for its mischief. His presence had made a very strong Bonding with our Family. Not only to our Family, it gained its special place in the Hearts of our neighbours. He enjoyed everyone’s hospitality. He was the street Romeo cum Rowdy. 

He was very special to us because when my Dad left us forever physically, this Kittie supported my us and espcially mom. He was the reason to bring back the lost smile on my mom’s face. He is not with us but his presence is always felt even now. 

Here’s my kittie…Sleeping ;)

111 222 333 444

Dat’s his 3rd B’day photo. He was a good caretaker too. He used to take a month kitten along with him for roaming and bring the kittie back home safely. That kittie went missing after few days…and never returned. We searched a lot…Even PUFFY went in search of the kittie but we could trace that kittie. We could feel his restlessness too.

Puffy’s favorite pass-time activities:

  • Sleeping on a Bed like a Royal Cat :D
  • Peeping thro’ the gate-grill and make sounds to irritate the Dogs whenever they passby. Then hide behind us if the Dogs come for attack by any chance :mrgreen:

Humanity shud grow as we grow

This post is very sensitive as this blog speaks the words of my Heart.

I’m a very much connected to the Animal world…may be b’coz of the wonderful times I have spent with them from my childhood days…and yeah it’s cent percent true, I was more busier spending time with the Animals rather than people during my stays in village. It is alwayz great Fun and pleasure in each visit. Buffaloes..Rabbits..Ducks..Hens..Chicks..Cocks..Cats..Dogs n so on !

Now my Questions are for —> NOT Animal-lovers:

  • Do you think Animals don’t understand Human language?
  • Do you think they don’t have common sense?
  • Do you think they cannot be part of your Family as they are not Human beings?

Animals/Birds do understand us. They communicate…They express. Just that we can speak but Animals cannot. Except that, God had made all of us in the same way. Unless you observe them carefully, you would not able to enjoy their world. Get in touch with any Animal-lover you know and understand their world. You will come to know many new things about the Nature around us. Look for the positive stories where Pets have helped the bedridden patients to recover soon from their sufferings. Miracles do happen.

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYpx9dtPZd0

I agree that many of you may not like to waste your time in understanding them. There’s no harm. But do you know that You definitely harm a Pet-lover’s feelings when you talk bad or negative about the Pets or just repeating the statements of hatred towards the Animal world. You may hate but you don’t have to showcase your hatred to the people who actually adore that world.

my Dear Readers,

I hope you agree that Pets are never the timepass toys which you keep with you when you are bored and abandon them off when you have many other exciting things in your Life. That’s a sweet responsibility which you promise to take with the Pet. Pets need not be the only Animals/Birds that stay in your home, they can be the ones around your home. May be the street Dogs or Cats or Cows. I’m happy that I have very special friends, who may not like Animals but they always respect my feelings for Animal World.

In recent days, I had seen a few people who are inhuman to these Creatures. These people are so insensitive that they won’t even give shelter to these creatures when  it rains or when it’s cold and they just need a closed place to sleep peacefully. I had fought for many such cruel instances with these insane people. I feel very sad about it but I’m happy that I’m still fighting for such injustice to these inocent creatures. Now, you decide, though God has given us Brain, are people really thinking sensibly? Why some people become insane and inhuman as they grow up?

Also I have seen in Pet shops, people want to pay for foreign breeds of Pets but DO NOT wish to adopt an Indian breed for free of Cost. Is Indian breed that cheap? I feel like telling them – “I wished – your parents had abandoned you just b’coz you were born in India”. There are  many myths around that street Animals are never safe and they will always bite people around them. C’mon…why would they bite unless you harm them. And if you misinterpret that they wag their tails just to attack, you have to correct your mindset.

A request to all (NOT Animal-lovers) : you don’t have to force yourself to stay or like the Animal world but atleast have a control on the words you speak to an Animal-lover. You have no rights to ill-treat the Animals as they have equal rights to stay in this world as you do.

Even Animals have HEARTS whether you agree to it or not but it’s true. Human company may or may not live till the end but journey with Pets continues FOREVER till the end of each other’s life. Would love to hear from you if you have more to say. I just wish to see the below relation to increase more n more…

HUMANITY is directly proportional to AGE of the HUMAN BEING.

P.S: I’m proud to say that I’ve been taming Cats from past 12 years and I definately love being in their company.

Dare to see !

Welcome to the Animal Planet !!!

U may be aware by now that I’m very fond of Animals especially Cats. They have become a very important part of my Life. I had been enjoying this world from past 11 years. A few snaps are below bout my Pets.

Check out what my pets have to say in each pic. Names of my Pets may look strange. Kindly bear with me.

“Look into my Blue Eyes !!! Did I scare You?” ET Says…Image

“Oh taking my Pic…plz let me well in advance, I just got up from a deep sleep.” Whitu says…


“I will give a ‘Meeooow’ sound then Click on the camera to take my Pic.” Puffy says…


“I will give an innocent look. Capture it.” Puffy says…


“How much do u charge for Golden-Facial???” says Kantri n Ammulu to a beautician.


“I won’t let you go” says Bandu…


Hope u enjoyed it. Bie for now 🙂


Do u live a Luxurious Life…They definately do !!!

It all started in 2011, a cat in wheat-colored fur ‘KUTTU’(it’s name) used to visit my home every afternoon around 3 p.m. So everyday after lunch, I used to store a cup of curd rice for her. One fine morning, as I got up, I saw KUTTU with 2 lovely kittens in my bed room. Everyone was surprised at home. Initially, I was scared to touch KUTTU but later somehow convinced her and took the babies into my hands. Fortunately, we became good frnz soon. Slowly, everyone in my family enjoyed their company. One of the kitten died of weakness so we had to put extra efforts to take care of the other kitten. We named it as NALLU b’coz of her color.

NALLU: ‘Queen of my Home’ –


There’s a saying – “never go by Color but go with the Heart.” Though black in color, she has a very sensitive and caring Heart. Soon she grew up and proved to be a ‘Perfect Mother’. She took care of babies so well that I just had transformed her name to ‘YASHODA’. Just as mother Yashoda took care of  Lord Krishna in mythology, my Yashoda takes care of all the kittens in my home. Lived a luxurious life in my Home, she also maintained the standards of living.

Now listen to the other half of my Chweet Yashoda.

  • Was crazzzzzzy of milk products like cakes, sweets and obviously Non-veg.

  • Ate anything prepared by Mom but with a condition that Ghee is added to its share of food.

  • If you stop giving importance to her, she won’t eat food for the whole day and sits in one corner of the room. She’s the Pet of everyone at my home. Perfect in buttering everyone at Home and get everything she wants at home.


Now it’s time to introduce my BANDU. Why names as BANDU? B’coz BANDA in my native language means FAT. Hope u got it? 😉


The most handsome Cat in my street. It’s the Rowdy of the locality. So its glamorous body was always naughty so substituted by wounds everywhere on his body. I loved playing with it. He enjoyed eating ‘KURKURE’. The most interesting thing was, my BANDU loved sleeping. He also took care of other Cats as well. See how it is relaxing!!!


My little Tigers love fighting with each other. Some of the Cats have missed. I miss them a lot. At present, I have only 2, one is Puffy and the other is Yashoda.

You know…my kitties give lovely poses when they are called for the pics. Howz dis?


After a very heavy meal …


Love this Kitty world sooo much and will always be connected to it. RIght now, I have 5 kitties at home…Will post about them soon 🙂