wats CRAZINESS in your terms…

Found something very interesting this time. Just a few years back, we spent our HAPPY DAYS in our college and came out with the bright colors as Graduates. Very soon, most of us entered the world of making Money.

We have 3 stages of life

Teen age:
Have Time + Energy …but No Money

Working Age:
Have Money + Energy …but No Time

Old age:
Have Time + Money …but no Energy

Hope you all will agree with the above pictorial messages

But even in this Fast moving world, we start looking at things in more complex manner that we forget to enjoy the smaller things that are around us. Hope most of you would be hesitating to say ‘YES’. They want to do many stupid things in LIFE but at some point of time, they become introvert and reserved. This way, they forget to enjoy smaller things in Life.So I took sometime to find out the stupid crazy things from few of my friends and well-wishers. Wanna have a look at them??? (Names of the people who provided inputs here, will remain confidential for security reasons) 😀

This was how a few Frustrated Developers and Testers had in mind to do something crazy

  • Getting paid for doing nothing… !!! very strange 😀  
  •  Deleting all prod files/pgms without any identify. Pity on them really. (I also fall in that category at times)

Checked with some few frnz who are very silent to look.  

  • Singing all alone in the room when no one is around
  • Want to perform in a rock band
  • I want to shout at everybody who points me out even though the mistake is not from my end.

Then went to a few bubbly girls to get answers..here are some

  • Would like to have a handful of butterscotch ice-cream and try to eat it out all together .
  • Want to try different hair styles
  • Want to put on different costumes 

Look at these…Craziness at its peak !!!

  • Taking bath in the water falls with a cup of wine. Huh…strange combination right !!! Onsite trip for this Crazy Dream. 🙂
  • In a open space, in a rain and that too during night, on a full moon day need to shout, drench and run around.
  • Dancing in the rain for the whole day.
  • To construct a house just above the sea level with four base pillars in sea and have a personal boat to make it to the shore.
  • Rob lot of money from politicians and want to establish a venture capitalist firm.
  • Go to siachen glacier or Mount Everest.

Many of my Crazy Dreams have been fulfilled. A few of the latest ones are below. 🙂

  • Most of my frnz are very good musicians. I want to attend the functions…sit in front row…shout at my own voice…dance if permission is granted.
  • I want to travel in the bus sitting at the foot board from Chennai to my native – Nellore

Being a girl…people expect me to be reserved and Disciplined 😦 But still waiting for a CHANCE. 🙂

Yes Frnz…we do have many things that we feel to do that gives us Pleasure. Many of my crazy Dreams have been fulfilled. How bout YOU?

Identify the crazy Dreams you want to experience and try them out to


Crazy Dream seems to be smaller ones at times but the Happiness after its fulfilled it much Higher.


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