Those memorable days on Bench !!!

Usually when you assigned to Projects, you would not have time to attend Management Training Programs, conducted in your Organization unless they mandate those sessions. What would happen usually is –
◾   Either you won’t get time at all
◾   Though you have time, your time will be wasted for requesting for approvals from higher Officials, in which finally you lose interest to attend the program

◾I have enjoyed my Benching period where I luckily happened to attend Management Trainings, conducted by my organization. So thought to share them wid U 🙂

I got a chance to attend a couple of Trainings on Management. Trainings were held in Fortune Hotel…who will miss such an Offer…tell me? 😉

So I reached on-time for the first Training. I had been introduced to a very cheerful Trainer. Training was all bout ‘Team Building wid positive Attitude’. The funny thing I could find in the session was, Team work was completely ‘ABSENT’ whenever we were assigned wid some task/ play games. Later Participants including ME realize that we have forgotten to work in Team and suddenly looked at the Trainer who jus gave a BIG SMILE and asked us to do the tasks/play the game again. This time, we worked well in Teams. Hope everyone has seen the movie ‘Chak-De-India’. All in the movie was Team work. Trainer played that song at the End of the Session – Wow, a situational song to motivate us. I really enjoyed it.

Similarly, I had attended other sessions like ‘Stress Management’. We were asked to perform Yoga. This will help us get relaxed from our mental tensions. As I moved ahead wid each Aasan(Lesson of Yoga), I was feeling tired and I was feeling restless. The Trainer instructed us that we would be feeling tired because we don’t have any practice earlier. The Last Lesson was Nidra Yoga(this was my Favourite one).

Unfortunately , the next session was about ‘Time Management’ Training and fortunately, I reached 10 min before the session b’coz I din’t want to become the victim to the Session as it was all about ‘TIME’. The Session was on Time Management and the participants were maintaining Indian Punctuality to attend the session…i.e. many late comers to the session. I learnt the importance of Planning a day thro’ that session.

There was a beautiful Lesson that I learnt from all the Trainings I attended. I will pass on the message to you thro’ a short story.

There lived a Saint in Northern Parts of India. He predicted the future of the people whoever approached him and gave advices. This way he gained Fame internationally. He never deceived anybody with false statements.

So hearing all this, two tourists came to his place to test his predictions.

They were laughing when all others were bowing to his feet for Blessings.

The stupid thing that they have thought of…They brought a bird hidden in the hands and the hands were folded backwards.

So they started Questioning the Saint “Now u tell me, what is in my hands?” The Saint noticed some feathers jus near the feet of the foreigners so he guessed that the Bird was in trouble. The Saint told directly that the foreigner had a bird in his hand. Then the foreigner shooted another Question “Tell me, whether it was Dead or Alive.”

There were two cases.

If Saint says “Bird is Dead”, they will show the lively Bird and prove him wrong.

If Saint says “Bird is Alive”, they will crush the Bird and prove him wrong for his prediction.

Saint acted very cautiously so he told the foreigner that the Bird’s Life is in your hand. You can Leave it to enjoy its Life else you can kill it !!!
◾   Keep your words positive, because your words become your actions.
◾   Keep your actions positive, because your actions become your habits.
◾   Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your lifestyle.
◾   Keep your lifestyle positive, because your lifestyle becomes your destiny.

Lesson: Hearing to a couple of Good lessons is very easy. Implementing those Qualities in your Life is completely left up to YOU.


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