Ambigram: combo Giftpack of Ambigram and Quilling :)

Art n Craft world has been my favourite Stress-Buster ;) It gives an immense pleasure and self-satisfaction when I do what I  like. This time I prepared a combo giftpack of Ambigram and Quilling for a lovely couple cum friends, Hema and Kiran while welcoming their li’l world Ananya to their Sweet Home :)

For those of you who are new to the Art form ‘AMBIGRAM’, it’s a word written in such a manner that it can read in more than one way…There are various types of Ambigrams and I concentrated on the Rotational type. You just have to observe the normal image then rotate the image to 180 degrees to see the same image again. Wiki speaks more HERE.

Here’s my work. Could you recognize the names HEMA n KIRAN in the Artwork? ;)

21 Hema Kiran

Do let me know if you really Like it ???’s your turn to speak up … :D


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