Ecstasy in pace wid Work…

Event: Bay decoration

Theme: INDIA in 2020

We would be getting lot of mailers about Fun events at our floor but how many of us really grab the opportunity to showcase our leisure time activities. Hmmm…not many !!! Why? Majority of the votes would go for – LACK OF TIME.

I always get pleasure to participate in such activities. Hey…one moment, don’t misinterpret!!! Even I have much of work pressure. But…involving in such activities not only gives relaxation but also gives chance to learn something more out of work.

We all decided to arranged for a small meet within our Team and then…IDEAS…IDEAS…n more IDEAS came out of each individual. Only noting down the ideas was not enough. Individuals voluntarily took charge of the activities.

Mom for the meeting-

  • Chandrayana Project – an Indian astronaut would be landing on Moon in a shuttle which would look like a BIKE(MOONER)…on a BIKE
  • Joining the Rivers of India to prevent areas from flooding
  • IT Growth
  • Powerful Naval forces
  • Generating alternate power thro wind mills
  • Advancement in Transport
  • Wind power and also purify air (free of carbon)
  • Implementation of Solar panels on each house.
  • Literacy in India

We winded up the meeting with many thoughts in mind. We went back to the crazy Art and Craft classes of childhood days.

‘where is the scissors…’,’hey ! I kept fevicol here…where s it now?’, ’where is the brush’, ’I don’t have a any pencil around’, ’please cut this end’, ’where are  the ball pins’ .

Here are some Wonderful and evergreen moments of the event.




Everyone has a hidden Talent in him/her. Identifying those hidden skills… n working on them will make them reach the HEIGHTs. Hope you liked our IDEAs and I wish some of these Dreams come true soon.


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