Do u live a Luxurious Life…They definately do !!!

It all started in 2011, a cat in wheat-colored fur ‘KUTTU’(it’s name) used to visit my home every afternoon around 3 p.m. So everyday after lunch, I used to store a cup of curd rice for her. One fine morning, as I got up, I saw KUTTU with 2 lovely kittens in my bed room. Everyone was surprised at home. Initially, I was scared to touch KUTTU but later somehow convinced her and took the babies into my hands. Fortunately, we became good frnz soon. Slowly, everyone in my family enjoyed their company. One of the kitten died of weakness so we had to put extra efforts to take care of the other kitten. We named it as NALLU b’coz of her color.

NALLU: ‘Queen of my Home’ –


There’s a saying – “never go by Color but go with the Heart.” Though black in color, she has a very sensitive and caring Heart. Soon she grew up and proved to be a ‘Perfect Mother’. She took care of babies so well that I just had transformed her name to ‘YASHODA’. Just as mother Yashoda took care of  Lord Krishna in mythology, my Yashoda takes care of all the kittens in my home. Lived a luxurious life in my Home, she also maintained the standards of living.

Now listen to the other half of my Chweet Yashoda.

  • Was crazzzzzzy of milk products like cakes, sweets and obviously Non-veg.

  • Ate anything prepared by Mom but with a condition that Ghee is added to its share of food.

  • If you stop giving importance to her, she won’t eat food for the whole day and sits in one corner of the room. She’s the Pet of everyone at my home. Perfect in buttering everyone at Home and get everything she wants at home.


Now it’s time to introduce my BANDU. Why names as BANDU? B’coz BANDA in my native language means FAT. Hope u got it? 😉


The most handsome Cat in my street. It’s the Rowdy of the locality. So its glamorous body was always naughty so substituted by wounds everywhere on his body. I loved playing with it. He enjoyed eating ‘KURKURE’. The most interesting thing was, my BANDU loved sleeping. He also took care of other Cats as well. See how it is relaxing!!!


My little Tigers love fighting with each other. Some of the Cats have missed. I miss them a lot. At present, I have only 2, one is Puffy and the other is Yashoda.

You know…my kitties give lovely poses when they are called for the pics. Howz dis?


After a very heavy meal …


Love this Kitty world sooo much and will always be connected to it. RIght now, I have 5 kitties at home…Will post about them soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “Do u live a Luxurious Life…They definately do !!!

  1. Cats are fascinating. We had two cats, a brother and sister. The male was named Cato, after the character in the Inspector Clouseau movies, because he would always jump on us unexpectedly. The female was named Tiger Lily, because she was so pretty and such a princess. Sadly, we don’t have them any more.

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