[Creative Writing]: Depressed child just as a Neglected car

I had a chance to participate in a Creative Writing Contest based on the following picture. Felt very happy to get appreciated for my attempt.

Abandoned Car

~ 000 ~

Here’s my winning entry:

The first look into this pic made a deep impact into my Mind. If you take a deep look into this shot, you can find the similarity…

Depressed child just as Neglected Car

1> At one side, though Car doesn’t show the emotions, the owner of the Car would still shed tears for loosing it.

2> At the other end, there’s a Child who is in need of Love.

Let’s concentrate on the second case now

  • Some parents just leave the children to orphanages.
  • Some parents neglect their child because they would find it difficult to bring up their family.
  • Some parents are so busy in this complicated world in earning and saving for their family that they forget to give time to their Dear ones. The child creates his own world of loneliness.

He/She may end up taking a wrong decision of ending up the Beautiful Life which is gifted by GOD. Who is the major sufferer here…not the PARENT but the CHILD obviously.

So let’s spread LOVE all around us as plenty as possible.

~ 000~


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