[Weekly Writing Challenge]: Power of Names

When a Baby enters into this world as a Bundle of Joy, the first identity given to the baby is the NAME. It’s such a precious happiness for the Parent to search for an apt name to their child. These names can be the names of the Ancestors, or can be based on the time of baby’s birth or child is named based on the Star as per the astrology or it can be the name of their Deity/Saints as per the religion. There are also Parent who name the child by the name of someone who inspired them.


I love this name to the core. Unconditionally I’m so attached to my name. It gives me the eternal Energy and self-confidence whenever I hear someone calling me. I still remember my Arts class in my Childhood days when my Teacher gave us assignment to find out the Meaning of the Name. I was very eager to know the meaning of my name from my Parent. When I came to know the meaning, then I was very excited and decided to justify the meaning of my name through my works 🙂

Meaning of my name is ‘Talent’.

But at times, people spell my name differently which completely changes the meaning of the name, which hurts me. This is not the fault of the person. It’s just due to the difference in the scripts of the languages in North India and South India. So I’ve to remind them each time to correct my name 😦

                PraTIBHA means Talent

                PraTHIBA means Statue

This inner energy helps me to explore myself in the world of Writings, Arts n Crafts n lots more. Also I enjoy playing with my Kitties. I’ve been connected to this Cat’s world from past 12 years n so my friends also call me with nicknames as – Kitty/ Catwoman/ Catty/ Meow/ Kittyblogger 🙂

Being in the Pets World, I also realized that NAME is very unique to each pet. They own that identity so beautifully and respond accordingly. I own 2 Cats now – Blacky and Nitty. If I call Blackie, Nitty won’t respond and vice-versa. This also proves the POWER of a NAME 🙂


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