Narration of Story in 55 words :>

Have you ever heard of wrapping up a story in just 55 words. It’s really interesting !

Never knew the thrill of it till I gave a try. Here goes the final attempt for 55f 😉

an Emotional gesture

He promised “Mom…i will not meet her till I complete Graduation”
Mom called “come home, we are going to Ooty tomorrow morning with Family Friends”
Memorable Time after Graduation including her.
“Sleep in the cottage” mom said.
He replied “Mom..missed my CAR a lot. She is special so going to sleep in car”


Hide n Seek

He walked…actually ran, used Lift instead of Stairs, reached Ground Floor to go to the Cafeteria, He ate soon and rushed to the Workplace.

He called someone from mobile and was tensed till he reached his workplace. When his Frnz asked the reason, he replied – “I forgot my Temp ID card at my desk”:)


an Emergency Call

It was cool Winter of January. I started in an Auto all alone in the early morning to bus stop to reach Chennai.

I was li’l afraid to travel alone so rushed to home in fear and dialed an emergency no. seriously from my landline.

Highly relieved to find – my Mobile rang in my handbag . . .


I was feeling happy to give some exercise to Brain in this creative way 😉



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