o: NeW ComerS to Kitchen :o

I’m back wid some Interesting cum Tragic events of a few well-wishers of mine, captured some moments during their FirSt TiMe in Kitchen. I do go n prepare my favourite dishes in Kitchen though I don’t like spending lot of time there. But if you really want me to spend the entire day there, my favourite trascks in the music system can definately energize the mood to stay for much longer time :D

Sharing a few of those moments :D

Frnd 1: During a weekend, I visited my Frnd1’s home in B’lore. This Frnd was so over joyous of our meet after a long gap. We got up early and spoke about our memorable days in Chennai. She said “I would like you to taste some delicious dishes of mine”. I replied “Wow…Sure. Would love to taste them”.She served me something for breakfast. She boiled milk then boiled corn flakes till it became paste…then add one thing in another, and serves to me. I was puzzled,I din’t dare to eat it. We ate food outside ;)

Frnd2: It’s the First time, he is going into kitchen to try something different. C’mon…earlier he went in to boil water. :mrgreen:  It’s fun to make pranks on these people. It was his routine work to put the Milk packet outside without boiling (mom used to boil it everytime ;) . Mom is not at home so the next day, the milk was spoilt. Then he called his mom and explained. She explained “Son…you shud boil milk before it keeping it in Fridge”. Then he called me one day and asked, how would Curd form. I replied – “keep watching Milk in the vessel, it will become curd” :mrgreen:

Frnd3: Another friend of mine…wanted to try Veg-Maggi. So he beautifully cut n arranged the vegetables in a plate. Kept everything ready and started his experiment. He started off well by frying vegetables putting spices that would add flavours. Then it was time to add MAGGI into the vessel. He even did that but then he wondered something was missing in that. He actually forgot to add WATER in it. :mrgreen:  Pathetic situation there :D

Frnd 4: It was time to cook Rice in the Electrical cooker. (If you have seen an electric cooker, u would know the purpose of the netted kinda plate at the bottom, its to avoid Rice sticking at the bottom of the cooker). Since this frnd was using the cooker for the first time…he put sufficient Rice and Water…then not able to know where to put that net plate, he put in on the Rice :D

Frnd 5: This friend wants to prepare Rajma curry for the first time. Followed all the instructions perfectly except for the fact that Masala should be added as per the quantity of Rajma and unforturnately added the whole packet in a single shot. Imagine the output, :D

Big bro: Someone taught him to prepare Dal at home. So he wanted to try it at his room. he bought Dal packet to room. He had put the Dal in cooker and waited till the whistles come. My mom taught him all these basics. Then he called mom and told – this Dal has been boiling for past few hours n not even getting pasted. My mom could not understand the reason. Two weeks later, my li’l sis visited his room and found that he was using a Wrong Dal for a Wrong Purpose :D (he was using fried chana dal for preparing sambar) She got frustrated and told him that “Noone uses this for preparing Sambar”, he replied “I did right” :DWish I was there to capture those moments of frustration on my Sis’s face ;)

My li’l Sis: She was eager to experiment with micorwave oven most of the times esp to prepare cakes. She does all the wonderful works and gives the greasy and sticky works to me like applying oil on the vessel n so on :roll:. So i don’t even enter kitchen when she’s on some mission ;)

So what do u think…is Cooking that easier as we think of ??? ;) Would love to hear from you.


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