FRIENDSHIP – xperience it to relish the Sweetness of Life

A beautiful Bond, in itself is an incredible gift to a Mankind


A reason to enjoy the Life with High Spirits.

This grows when two strangers share a common thought and keeps expanding as the Time Grows. Every relation has a FRIEND within him/her. This bond makes us feel a Comfort Zone which in turn boosts up our Confidence level and makes a better place to live in. It doesn’t have any age limits…

  • A Parent can be a good Friend to their family.
  • A Grandparent can be good Friends to their Grand children.
  • A Teacher can be good Friend to his student.
  • A volunteer can be good Friend to his enthusiastic Learners.
  • A pet can be a friend to his master.

We meet many people in the Journey of Life. Some are just friends…a few become Close Friends…but only rare ones stand beside us against every odd condition, like an umbrella guarding us from the rain. As time passes, it needs to be nurtured with Affection.

Below is my Approach for this Beautiful relation through a pic which I designed…You may be Familiar with this one…right? But this pic doesn’t have Ladders to reach on top through shortcuts because each and every ingredient is important but yeah…there are Snakes to indicate the disaster that may spoil the surroundings. 

P.S: Numbers – indicate the age of the person. This may vary for each individual.


Now, look into your Life, if you have come across such relation, you are Blessed !

Don’t let the relation go…

:: Cheers ::


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