Addiction to MUSIC

Life gets tougher for people when the Balance is lost between Professional life n Personal Life. So I have started learning about the ‘Mindset’ of the people so a very common point striked my mind and thought to share with you here.

Time slips off so faster that we rarely get a chance to relax ATLEAST for just FEW minutes. Mind looks  heavier, loading us with mental tensions.

What do we get by carrying those tensions in our Mind ???? Yeah…a warm welcome from the Hospitals.

There are many things that would refresh our minds instantly to get back to work instantly with energy. After a long tiresome work in front of the system…what would you feel like doing?

·         Go for coffee-break and spend time with friends.

·         Spend some time roaming in the office premises, enjoying the fresh air near the greenery.

Experience the Sunset 🙂

But the pathetic situation comes when the ASSOCIATES don’t have time to take that small break also. And that’s the time you need an alternate way…

how about MUSIC!!!

Am very serious on this… I have seen people who rarely get chance to listen to music. They are so busy that they have forgotten to enjoy the world of Music. Even the Famous Author mentions in his famous book ‘ The Monk Who sold His Ferrari’ that Music heals our Life.

I cherish all my friends who just decided to make the Music world as their second career.

MUSIC has become a very important part of my DAILY routine. My Day starts by listening to my favorite tracks at high volumes in the morning. Then it continues to play during my work hours whenever it’s a boring moment and Wow !!! my favorite songs beating at high volumes while traveling…simply superb experience. Drowning myself into that music is completely a different experience.

Hey…did you say, I would be very careless on roads?

Nah Nah…I take care of things very well. I never trouble traffic in this case.

Obstacles on my way….. :(

In weekends, the songs bang at high volumes at my home. Again, my sis troubles me…asking me to reduce the volumes. Problems…Problems…Problems everywhere.   

SOLUTION: I’ll use headphones as a temporary fix but planning to set-up home-theatre-speakers in such a way that I can control the volume in each room and listen to the songs. This way, my sis won’t trouble me.

My journey never starts without the company of Music. These days, I could not resist myself to Dance when beats are heard so beautifully. A concentration on the music or the lyrics will really help us in understanding the beauty of this world.

Get addicted to Music and see the difference it brings to your Personal Life.


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