assorted EmoTioNs

A few months back, a Dog gave birth to 4 cute puppies of different colors.I asked my friends to suggest some names. One weird suggestion came to name them as 1,2,3,4. I wondered why his parents took strain to give him a name instead of numbering 😥  Later I named them – Brownie, Blackie, Whitu, Creamu… 😉


When I enter my street, Puppies come running far away and exhibit their Skidding skills 😀  (just as a Biker does to impress his Girl) as I return with Food for them. At times,it’s fearful to watch them running so fast 😛


Everyone would be enjoying this Rainy season in Chennai but my case is li’l different in my street. Puppies jump in excitement, running to me in an area with half filled mud-water roads while I’d be carefully making a kinda long-jumps and leave footprints on my Dress. I have Surf excel at home but still…’  😦

Once…I was managing to walk in a narrow path wid localites. Faced the most embarrasing moment when Puppies came n blocked the path facing me, waiting for food.People were staring at me. For the first time I felt if the animals could understand the human language 😛

But stil I njoy being in that World and at times, they become my guardians in the street. It looks like a Princess is being safe-guarded beautifully 😀


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