Rishi…ek Taara zameen par !!!

Vaibhav n Vidushi got married a few years ago. They were gifted with Beautiful kids Shrey n Rishi. Rishi was the naughtiest one who loved having Fun all time, listened to music in high volumes, danced to the beats, created his own Rap Steps and started breaking things.

Loved eating food for hours together 🙂 Ran with his Cute Cricket Bat in the evenings, whether he knew to play or not was secondary. There were no limits for his enjoyment and so everyone used to complain about him but again he was loved by all.

Except touching books, he was ready to do any kind of job, whatever it may be!!!

So here’s how, Rishi’s mind got changed to go to kinder-garden

Vaibhav came home from work one evening to find his youngest son, Rishi kicking and screaming on the living room floor. He was to start kinder-garden the next day and was protesting that he won’t go. Vaibhav’s general reaction would be to banish the boy to his room and tell him to better make up his mind to go. He had no choice. But recognizing that it would not really help Rishi start kinder-garden in the best frame of mind, Vaibhav sat down and thought “If I were Rishi, why would I be excited about going to kinder-garden”.

He and his wife Vidushi, made a list of all the fun activities Rishi would do there, like painting, singing songs, making new frnz .Then they put them into action. They all started to paint on the kitchen table, his wife Vidushi, elder son Shrey and himself, all having fun. Soon Rishi was peeping around the corner. Next he was begging to participate. ’Oh no! You have to go to kinder garden first to learn how to finger-paint.’ With all enthusiasm, I went through the list in the terms he could understand–telling him all the fun he could have in the kinder-garden. The next morning I thought I was the first to get up. When I went down stairs and found Rishi sitting sound asleep in the living room chair. “What are you doing here?” I asked. “I’m waiting to go to kinder garden ,I don’t want to be late”. The enthusiasm of our family had roused in Rishi an eager want that no amount of discussion or threat could have possibly accomplished”

So it’s in the way parents groom the children, the child would grow 🙂

Rishi – ek Taara zameen par !!!


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