:: feelings of my Heart ::

This month of February is filled with Love everywhere. I started this Blog in December could not finish it. May be the right time has come to post it in the month of Love. It’s very close to my Heart.

Finally I could finish it this time and write something of this sort for the first time ever in my Life.

Disclaimer: This is the first attempt to express my feelings through a Poem…

Dear Papa…

 I know you are watching your Loved one from wherever you are….

Still remember the Day

The days…you held my hand and took me to school telling the stories

The days…you ran behind my new bicycle and supporting me everytime i was about to fell down

The days…I used to cry cum laugh when I solved Maths problems incorrectly. For those scoldings, always Tears were followed by Laugh.

The days…when we used to enter into kitchen to experiment something else atleast for frying groundnuts

The days…that you just said a single word of motivation instead of ten discouraging me

The days…you spoke to me for hours n hours for helping me decide my career

The days…you patted my back with those powerful words of appreciation

The days…when we cracked jokes on each other the previous night

The days…when we used to debate on the English Songs of your generation and my generation

The days…you used to read the LINES of the door of your room..on how a child expects a Dad to be in that age and adapting to the way I needed.

The day…I took you to theatre to give a message that we wanted to convey to you thro’ a Movie n seeing you silently laughing.

And the day when you slept on Mom’s shoulder and never woke up.

It’s very difficult to digest that you just went so silently without speaking a word to us. You had so much to share and talk about…but Life deserted each one of Us. Wish I had the power to turn back the wheel of Life.

 In Dreams…You come, You meet, You go…But I don’t hear you speaking to me….Why Papa??? There’s something that you wanna convey to us but not able to do it. Wish I do not wake up from the Dream till I hear you speaking to me…Be with us forever. Take care Papa
Wid loads of Luv !
Urs …

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